When the B4-8 club was created in 2006, it came into being because there was no other club like it in Guernsey. The other clubs and associations each had their own distinct mandates and memberships, but a club just about networking? Such a thing didn’t exist.

B4-8 Meeting

From the word go, the original members (many of whom are still active in the club several years later) wanted the club to reflect how business in Guernsey is carried out. That meant that relationships would be a key part of it. The buzzwords of the club then, as now, were all about things like open communication, being straightforward, friendly, fun and recommending the club or club members to others. If truth be told, bacon rolls were also seen as mission-critical as well. Nobody was particularly keen on ideas like ‘pitching’ or some form of ‘expected referral’ system, which other networking clubs elsewhere seemed to see as important. The majority of the presentations made by club members are in the ‘I’ve recently discovered this – you might find it interesting’ rather than the ‘here’s my latest product, you might want to buy it’ category.

We didn’t know how it would go down when the idea was first proposed, but it was a very encouraging reception and the club since those early days has grown steadily, and has managed to retain the concepts mentioned above. Maybe one of the reasons for the success is that it’s work that doesn’t feel like work. It’s enjoyable, interesting, useful and gets the day off to good start with a working breakfast.

Order of proceedings
Club members arrive between 07:30 and 07:45 and get started with tea, coffee or fruit juice. We take our seats with croissants just before 8:00 and then hear from a couple of club members who deliver a two or three minute mini speech. All are welcome to use the AV at no extra cost. We break for bacon, sausage and egg rolls to be brought to the tables and then resume at about twenty past eight when two more club members deliver their presentations. At about 8:30 our guests speaker will address the club for about twenty minutes. Questions of all speakers are encouraged as is, of course, actual networking too.

B4-8 Quiz at Petit Bot

B4-8 Quiz at Petit Bot