Business Networking in Guernsey

Who we are

The B4-8 club is Guernsey’s only dedicated business networking club. It has approximately 40 members from a wide variety of businesses and it meets once a month, over breakfast. It is characterised by its lack of formality, the relaxed atmosphere of its meetings, the good range of speakers who address the club each month and by the club’s five different coloured plastic ducks which indicate to members which table they are sitting at each meeting.

What we do

The raison d’etre of the club is for each member to increase his or her network of contacts in a social way. It is not about the hard sell. Club members are encouraged – but not forced – to mention club colleagues to others who may be interested in working with a professional from a particular profession.

The club is run by a committee of six members who administer matters such as guest speakers, questions from members and the club’s annual outdoor breakfast and quiz.

How to join

The club welcomes prospective new members, but has a rule that there is only one company can be represented from one profession. Often if any ‘overlap’ exists, and the member affected is relaxed about it, then it tends not to be a bar to new membership.

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