When the B4-8 club was cre­ated in 2006, it came into being because there was no other club like it in Guern­sey. The other clubs and asso­ci­ations each had their own dis­tinct man­dates and mem­ber­ships, but a club just about net­work­ing? Such a thing didn’t exist.

B4-8 Meeting

From the word go, the ori­ginal mem­bers (many of whom are still act­ive in the club sev­eral years later) wanted the club to reflect how busi­ness in Guern­sey is car­ried out. That meant that rela­tion­ships would be a key part of it. The buzzwords of the club then, as now, were all about things like open com­mu­nic­a­tion, being straight­for­ward, friendly, fun and recom­mend­ing the club or club mem­bers to oth­ers. If truth be told, bacon rolls were also seen as mission-critical as well. Nobody was par­tic­u­larly keen on ideas like ‘pitch­ing’ or some form of ‘expec­ted refer­ral’ sys­tem, which other net­work­ing clubs else­where seemed to see as import­ant. The major­ity of the present­a­tions made by club mem­bers are in the ‘I’ve recently dis­covered this – you might find it inter­est­ing’ rather than the ‘here’s my latest product, you might want to buy it’ category.

We didn’t know how it would go down when the idea was first pro­posed, but it was a very encour­aging recep­tion and the club since those early days has grown stead­ily, and has man­aged to retain the con­cepts men­tioned above. Maybe one of the reas­ons for the suc­cess is that it’s work that doesn’t feel like work. It’s enjoy­able, inter­est­ing, use­ful and gets the day off to good start with a work­ing breakfast.

Order of pro­ceed­ings
Club mem­bers arrive between 07:30 and 07:45 and get star­ted with tea, cof­fee or fruit juice. We take our seats with crois­sants just before 8:00 and then hear from a couple of club mem­bers who deliver a two or three minute mini speech. All are wel­come to use the AV at no extra cost. We break for bacon, saus­age and egg rolls to be brought to the tables and then resume at about twenty past eight when two more club mem­bers deliver their present­a­tions. At about 8:30 our guests speaker will address the club for about twenty minutes. Ques­tions of all speak­ers are encour­aged as is, of course, actual net­work­ing too.

B4-8 Quiz at Petit Bot

B4-8 Quiz at Petit Bot